Energy, Damo Suzuki - Documentary Crowdfunding @ Indiegogo

01 May 18

Posted at 8:06

Hi everyone! 

Really excited today as we launch our crowdfunding campaign over at indiegogo!



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Energy - Campaign Trailer from Michelle Heighway on Vimeo.


Walking With Damo Suzuki January 2016


thanks for dropping by Michelle , Damo and Elke!


Damo Elke and Director Michelle Heighway



Damo Suzuki’s never-ending world tour has resulted in some of the most spontaneous and exciting shows in modern music, with the singer enlisting on-the-spot backing bands in cities across the UK, Europe and America. By working with a constantly-changing network of ‘sound carriers’, Suzuki has been touring the world as a unique presence for 20 years. But his movements came to a stop when, in 2014, he was diagnosed with cancer.

“The documentary is a wonderful story of hope,” says director Michelle Heighway. "It’s a personal portrait of the life and times of a nomad, poet and enigmatic singer on an incredible journey.” Heighway, whose critically-acclaimed debut Mr Somebody? was selected for the Sheffield Documentary Festival and Leeds International Film Festival, spent four years with Suzuki to create this colourful, thought-provoking and free-thinking film, one which finds the viewer willing Suzuki the strength to continue.

Expected release date of December 2019.

The Energy crowdfunder perks include Limited Edition T-shirts/Mugs/ DVD pre orders and original artwork designed by Damo Suzuki’s Network.

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