Social Media Blast -Thunderclap

17 May 18

Posted at 10:19

Social Media Blast -Thunderclap


Hi everyone - Can you help us create a Social Media Blast!!!. All you do is add your Twitter/Facebook or/and Tumblr account and in 2 days the App sends out a link to our campaign from your social media giving us a massive social media blast! (It is totally free and a well established platform!)

We require 100 media connects for it to create the blast in 2 days!.It is a cool way to blast out in one moment and to be viewed by 1000's!

Thanks so much , it will help us spread the word about our film and help us reach our goal!
Thanks so much to everyone for all your help so far !

Michelle Heighway

Director of    E  n e r g y 

A Documentary About Damo Suzuki


Walking With Damo Suzuki January 2016


Check out the cool merch below on our campaign!

Help make it happen for ENERGY: A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT DAMO SUZUKI on @indiegogo







Thank you!