Damo Suzuki Live @ The White Hotel, Manchester - Friday 19th May 2017

25 May 17

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Line Up :   Damo Suzuki Live @ The White Hotel,  Manchester -  Friday 19th May 2017

Damo Suzuki 22:30

Rip it Up DJ's 23:45 - Late (and between acts)

++ Sound Carriers for the evening ++

Aziz Ibrahim - Lead Guitar (Stone Roses, Ian Brown, Paul Weller)

Robbie Rush - Lead Guitar (BC Camplight, Kult Country)

Lois MacDonald - Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards (PINS)

Ben Ryles - Bass (Ex Easter Island Head Large Ensemble/ Musical Monolith)

MONKEY - Drums (BC Camplight)

Brian Christinzio/Charlotte Cartwright - Keyboards (BC Camplight/Charlotte Canon)

Daniel Broomhall - Organ/Electronica/the sound of UFO's landing on summer grass in 2099. (Monk)



Damo Suzuki Tour

 (c) Tracey Welch - Documentary Photography

It was great to see Damo Suzuki on the tour that was planned during the 12 weeks spent in hospital at the start of this year. It was amazing to capture this very human journey of resilience , energy and focus. As a filmmaker getting know Damo Suzuki and Elke Morsbach during the time of Damo's recovery with Colon Cancer has been inspiring and motivational.

Currently in post production and still organically capturing moments . I look forward to sharing this Music Documentary with you all.

* Also looking for an Animator! Please get in touch!  Contact link

Please follow our journey via Insta / Facebook or / Twitter - Taster Video clips will be up soon  via You Tube.


Big thanks to Tracey Welch for your photos this evening also .


 Documentary Site : www.energythefilm.co.uk


Damo Suzuki Tour

 (c) Tracey Welch

Damo Suzuki Tour

Damo Suzuki Tour



Damo Suzuki Tour