Energy, Damo Suzuki - Documentary Crowdfunding @ Indiegogo - * New Perk

11 June 18

Posted at 9:54

Hi there!  little update regarding my 2nd feature documentary - Currently crowdfunding at Indiegogo!
Damo Suzuki reflects on his life as he confronts cancer and attempts to resume a never-ending tour.

New Perk  - 9 Days left to reach our goal to tell this amazing story ! Thanks everyone for sharing!!! 



The super talented band -  Moths and Locusts from West Coast of Canada

have provided us with 10 Limited Edition Vinyls!


We have 10 x Limited Edition Double LP Vinyls available! Moths and Locusts & Damo Suzuki . Signed with a signed photo also. (Photo as seen in Limited Edition Photo Print Perk - I will have these signed by Damo also to make it fair!)

"On a warm night in June 2013 Damo set down in Nanaimo, BC for an epic night of long heavy space rock jams in front of a rabid sold-out crowd. Two synth stations, fuzzed-out guitars, three drummers and pummeling bass coalesced behind Damo's commanding presence, the result was a sprawling, transcendent, seamless soundscape. Backed by Moths & Locusts and joined by members of Wolf Parade, and Colliding Canyons.'"

2nd New Perk


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of "ENERGY" when the documentary is released on digital format. Only a limited amount available. Items included: • ENERGY digital download • Behind the scenes updates

Also video update message from myself on 8.06.2018. - Thanks again Michelle Heighway- Director of    E n e r g y !








Social Media Blast -Thunderclap

17 May 18

Posted at 10:19

Social Media Blast -Thunderclap


Hi everyone - Can you help us create a Social Media Blast!!!. All you do is add your Twitter/Facebook or/and Tumblr account and in 2 days the App sends out a link to our campaign from your social media giving us a massive social media blast! (It is totally free and a well established platform!)

We require 100 media connects for it to create the blast in 2 days!.It is a cool way to blast out in one moment and to be viewed by 1000's!

Thanks so much , it will help us spread the word about our film and help us reach our goal!
Thanks so much to everyone for all your help so far !

Michelle Heighway

Director of    E  n e r g y 

A Documentary About Damo Suzuki


Walking With Damo Suzuki January 2016


Check out the cool merch below on our campaign!

Help make it happen for ENERGY: A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT DAMO SUZUKI on @indiegogo







Thank you!




04 May 18

Posted at 12:38


Walking With Damo Suzuki January 2016




Elissa Coward

Dirk Dresselhaus

Lauri Väinölälauri

Mari Ogatabrb

Michael Schmidt

Akihiro Kubotaakihiro

Tim Peach        

Alastair Dickson

Dama Vicke

Anonymous (K)

Andrew Korell

Kokura Misaomisao

Benedict Lawrence



We are now 34% funded, we are really happy to see everyone sharing our campaign! We look forward to engaging with you all!



Welcome to the Team - Michael Schmidt

04 May 18

Posted at 12:35

Welcome to the Team - Michael Schmidt!

Welcome to the Team - Michael Schmidt!

We are very grateful to have Michael Schmidt become part of the team.

Michael Schmidt selected the 2nd Executive Producer perk last night, which gives another encouraging start to the campaign. (Day 3 of crowdfunding!) 


Michael Schmidt - Executive Producer

Michael Schmidt was born and raised in Germany. However has been working all around the globe for the last 20 years and has lived in the UK and in the USA.

Michael Schmidt is consultant and entrepreneur in the Life Science industry, Working in Switzerland and the USA, helping clients to understand how technology will change the healthcare system from treatment to prevention, and how to bring better medicines to those patients in need.

Micheal has a great passion for visual and auditory arts. He is a devoted collector of vinyl records, specifically in the areas of Jazz and Progressive/Krautrock, and  has been following Damo Suzuki and his life for decades. 

We are now 33% funded, we are really happy to see everyone sharing our campaign! We look forward to engaging with you all!

 Be sure to check out our awesome t -shirt designs and other perks.

Big thanks to members of Damo Suzuki's Network for helping with the t-shirt designs /posters and for sharing our news all over the globe!


E n e r g y


Energy, Damo Suzuki - Documentary Crowdfunding @ Indiegogo

01 May 18

Posted at 8:06

Hi everyone! 

Really excited today as we launch our crowdfunding campaign over at indiegogo!



Check it out here to see our Limited Edition merchandise and other goodies!


Check out the trailer here:


Energy - Campaign Trailer from Michelle Heighway on Vimeo.


Walking With Damo Suzuki January 2016


thanks for dropping by Michelle , Damo and Elke!


Damo Elke and Director Michelle Heighway



Damo Suzuki’s never-ending world tour has resulted in some of the most spontaneous and exciting shows in modern music, with the singer enlisting on-the-spot backing bands in cities across the UK, Europe and America. By working with a constantly-changing network of ‘sound carriers’, Suzuki has been touring the world as a unique presence for 20 years. But his movements came to a stop when, in 2014, he was diagnosed with cancer.

“The documentary is a wonderful story of hope,” says director Michelle Heighway. "It’s a personal portrait of the life and times of a nomad, poet and enigmatic singer on an incredible journey.” Heighway, whose critically-acclaimed debut Mr Somebody? was selected for the Sheffield Documentary Festival and Leeds International Film Festival, spent four years with Suzuki to create this colourful, thought-provoking and free-thinking film, one which finds the viewer willing Suzuki the strength to continue.

Expected release date of December 2019.

The Energy crowdfunder perks include Limited Edition T-shirts/Mugs/ DVD pre orders and original artwork designed by Damo Suzuki’s Network.

PR Team: National print:








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07 December 17

Posted at 8:41

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