New Screening in Switzerland - Jan 2024 - NORIENT FESTIVAL - Energy: A Documentary About Damo Suzuki

27 November 23

Posted at 8:53

We are super excited to start 2024 with a Premiere in Switzerland at The Norient Festival!


The Norient Festival explores the contemporary world through music and sound. Showcasing films that portray musicians, music, sound, or noise as seismographs of our time, and speak of the possibilities and challenges of the now.


In January a selection documentaries, feature films, short movies, video art, and experimental formats will be screened.



Energy: A Documentary About Damo Suzuki

The goal of the festival is to nominate films that are getting close to people and phenomena. Films screened at the Norient Festival have won important awards or were nominated at major international A festivals, some have been produced very DIY and low budget. 


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